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The Misandrist… Washington Post

The Washington Post - Misandry

Here’s a woman who gets it. She can see what pandering to female “ownership” of victim is doing to women emotionally, and she doesn’t like it, and she holds a woman accountable. https://pjmedia.com/trending/the-misandrist-editorial-the-washington-post-should-be-ashamed-of/ The Misandrist Editorial the Washington Post Should Be Ashamed Of BY SARAH HOYT OCTOBER 14, 2018 Why can’t women stop buying the […]


Tim Goldich - Xamry F

But despite all the hateful feminist rhetoric, Xamry F contemplates a world without men and, in place of a “serene garden paradise,” she sees instead a nightmare world

The Global Victim

Tim Goldich Rwanda Genocide Gendercide

Media bias will tend to focus more on the rapes and other female miseries while focusing less on the executions, the worked-to-death laborers, the tortured prisoners, the nine-year-old boy soldiers trained to kill and be killed. We don’t hear as much about male brutalization because we don’t care as much about male brutalization.


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We denigrate soldiers as the violent cause of war, then execute those same men for “cowardice” should they run away from violence. 

“Arrows” #4: The Donner Party

The Donner Party - Tim Goldich

Even in dying, the men’s bodies provided sustenance the women and children could feed upon. Despite
McCullough’s insinuations, the men did not die of male inadequacy. They died of heroism.

The Rules

But paradigms, even passionately but irrationally held paradigms (i.e., an earth-centered universe) have been overturned in the past. The MalePower/FemaleVictimization paradigm is nowhere near as unassailable as it was 30 years ago. “Truth will out.”

The Strong Female Charicature

Tim Goldich

As is widely known, returns on the most recent Star Wars trilogy were disappointing, with each film in the series doing worse than the previous one. Having so offended the Star Wars fan base, many believe the franchise is now “dead.” Kathleen Kennedy, President of Lucusfilm, claims that male prejudice against Rey, the “strong female […]