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Tim Goldich, author and men’s work facilitator, has devoted the last 25 years to researching, pondering over and refining viewpoints regarding gender issues.


Tim Goldich - Xamry F


But despite all the hateful feminist rhetoric, Xamry F contemplates a world without men and, in place of a “serene garden paradise,” she sees instead a nightmare world

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“Woman Gets No Jail Time After Stabbing Man 108 Times”

“Woman Gets No Jail Time After Stabbing Man 108 Times”

And for this brutal murder she will suffer no jail time at all.

Naturally the gender aspects of this tragedy are avoided like the plague. But, no, not “everyone who smokes pot in California has been given a licence to kill.” Only *women* (especially attractive women?) have this level of immunity.

Fifty-nine years ago, Bob Dylan said it best:

” She never stumbles, she’s got no place to fall

She’s nobody’s child, the law can’t touch her at all”